Our Tools Help Decrease Downtime By:

Decreasing Tool Change-out Time - Because our tools are specifically
    designed for Swiss type screw machines, they are engineered to provide     very quick set-up time without modifications.

       For example, Our Applitec inserts are designed to fit the tool holder so           you are able to index or change the insert without  removing the tool           holder.

Increasing Tool Life – By producing tools with the best carbide grades, best     coatings, very tight tolerances and precise cutting angles, the tools last     much longer than generic, lower grade tools.

Delivering the Right Tools – Our suppliers are dedicated to manufacturing     custom tools to the customer’s precise specifications. We know how costly    production delays due to receiving the wrong tool can be.

Technical Advise Accuracy – With over 15 years experience, you  can be     confident that FLP will recommend the right tool every time.

High Repeatability Tolerance – At + 0.01 mm you won’t waste time    resetting your machines.

Our Tools Help Decrease Costs By:

Decreasing Downtime – For all the above reasons, by decreasing downtime,    FLP helps lower costs.

Machining Multiple Parts - For example, our inserts are engineered for    multiple applications - turning, threading, parting  off and grooving – all    using the same tool holder.

Using Tools with Several Different Machines – Therefore, you  have to buy
    fewer tools to do more work – lowering costs.

Not Forcing Standard Products on the Customer – If you need custom tools     in small quantities, we will produce those for you. We will not force a     standard product on you that does not work as  well. However, we are     dedicated to recommending lower cost alternatives if they exist.

ur Tools Help Manufacture More Accurate Parts By:

Having Machining Flexibility – The ability to exchange parts easily  and have    multiple application tools working together increases accuracy of parts.

Providing the smallest tool shanks available (10 mm or less) – As  industries    such as the medical and dentistry industries demand increasingly smaller    and smaller parts, tools with very small tool shanks will become more and    more critical to production.

Providing custom products – Our ability to produce extremely accurate    parts with only sketch drawing gives you the ability to machine parts to your    clients exact specifications.

LP Tooling Gives Peace of Mind:

If we can’t supply it, no one else can.

Every tool from FLP Tooling will perform like the last.

We have the expertise to solve any tooling problems.