Founded in 1988, Applitec is a cutting tool manufacturer based in Switzerland. Applitec inserts and tool holders boast top and economy lines comprising the widest range of geometries available to meet any machining needs. The performance and longevity of these tools will help any brand of screw machine operate more efficiently and effectively.

The Applitec brand includes the following products:

Tool Holders
Chamfering Tools
End Mills
Knurling Wheels
Milling Arbors
Saw Blades

Which are divided into the following lines:

Inserts & Tool Holders:

All Other Tools:
     Tooling Line

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Product Benefits:

Applitec Tools:

     Decrease Downtime
     Decrease Costs
     Help Manufacture More Accurate Parts
     Give Peace of Mind


     Using the best carbide grades, coatings and maintaining tight tolerances
        increases tool life decreasing downtime and costs.

     Insert changeability without removing tool holder decreases downtime.

     Super-rigid clamping system without side deflection increases tool life and
       ability to machine accurate parts.

     Reversible inserts allow for easy change-out for multiple applications
       decreasing downtime and number of tooling needed.

     The most and the smallest geometries offered on the market to fit any
       machining needs.

     Insert regrindability decreases costs by allowing refurbishment of worn
       tools before purchasing new ones.

     Our complete line, from Top-Line to Eco-Line, offers inserts and tool holders
       to fit any production budget.

     The new Modu-Line system increases the already advanced flexibility of our
       tool  holder system by offering:
         Presetable system
         High rigidity
         Increased Tool Positions
         Modular tooling system
         Tool holder base w/ coolant supply for high pressure (1500 psi)

     The Tooling line offers standard and custom tools with the tightest
       tolerances available for accurate machining.

     The Tooling line custom products can be made to spec with just a sketch

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