Founded in 1960, Harold Habegger SA is a leading Swiss manufacturer of high precision specialist cutting tools. FLP tooling is their California distributor.

Habegger’s mission statement is “When a customer has a problem, Habegger has a solution.”

Products Include:

Burnishing Dies
Knurling Dies
Thread Rolling Dies
Die Holders
Die Heads
Guide Bushes

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Product Benefits:

Habegger Tools:

     Decrease Downtime
     Decrease Costs
     Help Manufacture More Accurate Parts
     Give Peace of Mind


     The smallest ranges available on the market to fit any machining needs         especially medical and dental applications.

     The thread rolling die system available in adjustable and non-adjustable sizes and         straight and crossed knurling dies increases machining flexibility.

     Guide bushes can be used with bush holders or reduction sleeves further         increasing flexibility.

     Habegger offers standard and custom tools with the tightest tolerances         available for accurate machining.

     Because the dies improve surface finish and smooth diameters without         changing turning geometry, parts can be produced with optimal accuracy         decreasing costs of re-machining inaccurate parts.

     Custom products can be made to spec with just a sketch drawing.

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